Lesotho Tax Modernisation Program


Implementation of a Data Warehouse and a Business Intelligence Tool for Tax Analysis


The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho is modernizing its revenue administration through a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to enable the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) to significantly improve its performance and hence, mobilise domestic resources. These initiatives constitute the Lesotho Tax Modernisation Program (LTMP), which aims at increasing internally generated revenues in a sustainable manner, in support of Lesotho’s development plan. 

As the LRA strives to become a data driven organisation where data is a strategic asset that needs to be actively managed, catered to, and leveraged, setting up the appropriate mechanisms to achieve this is of paramount importance.

The Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Project (BI & DW) is a component of the LTMP. At its heart, it aims to lay the foundation of the principles and framework that will govern data management. Indeed, while data governance defines what needs to be done, data quality management defines how to do it. More resources dedicated to data quality management means data that is more robust and can be better leveraged for decision-making. Conversely, less resources means not all datasets can be actively monitored and improved and, in turn, this might mean the quality of datasets has to be prioritized, so resources are focused where it matters most. These decisions are determined as part of the data governance framework and implemented as part of data quality management.

As part of the scope of the project, a data warehouse will be implemented. The data warehouse solution uses Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Using this existing solution serves to jumpstarting the configuration and roll-out of the data warehouse at the LRA.

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