Union of the Comoros

Institutional Capacity Building


Institutional Capacity Building Project (PRCI) Phase II / Project Implementation Structure (SEP)


As part of this project, C2D carried out a technical assistance mandate for the operationalization of the General Administration of Taxes and Domains (AGID) of the Union of the Comoros.

In light of AGID's objectives and the state of play, C2D presented strategies for the organization of tax services and processes, particularly in terms of collection management, tax audits and litigation.

C2D then developed the action plans and texts relating to the new strategies, which among other things involved proposing amendments to the legal, regulatory, administrative, organizational, as well as procedural framework.

Lastly, C2D supported the implementation of the action plans and selected policies. The team delivered tailor-made training to specialist AGID staff, and suggested ways to optimize the organization's staff allocation.

C2D also supported AGID in raising awareness among taxpayers of their rights and duties in the interest of successful mobilization of domestic revenue.

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