Burkina Faso

Revenue and Expenditure Circuit


Study on the Optimization of the Revenue and Expenditure Circuit in Burkina Faso


The National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES), which reflects Burkina Faso's ambitions in terms of development, sets out the strategic axes of government policy which will be financed by both internal and external resources for the well-being of population.

Aware of the fact that the achievement of the development objectives displayed through the PNDES is highly dependent on the availability of resources, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development (MINEFID) has realized the need to concentrate its efforts to make effective its domestic resource mobilization mechanism.

In light of the limitations observed, particularly at the institutional level, the ministry commissioned a study in order to achieve a better integrated and efficient organizational mechanism for revenue mobilization structures.

It was recommended that a strategy be developed to include the appropriate reforms to optimize the revenue mobilization mechanism and at the same time serve as an advocacy document with technical and financial partners for the financing of said reforms.

C2D has been given the mandate to propose a strategy for formulating, conducting and financing reforms capable of optimizing the revenue system.

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