Strengthening Training Policy and Training Quality


Strengthening Training Policy and Training Quality Through Integrated Action in Tunisia


The C2D-Easy Consult Group has been entrusted with a technical assistance mandate funded by the Agence française de développement (AFD). The group will support the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment (MFPE) throughout the implementation of the Training & Professional Integration Support Program (PAFIF), in relation to the National Centre for Instructor Training and Training Development (CENAFFIF).

The mandate is carried out using a participatory approach with stakeholders, to develop relevant competencies, qualifications, and certifications for all economic sectors via the following operations:

 • Training a group of training development specialists, to set up a training management system for various certifications;
 • Developing certification standards that validate prior experience and support modular logic;
 • Developing certification benchmarks with professionals, to ensure they meet economic needs;
 • Establishing procedures that decentralize both certification processes and control by professional groups;
 • Supporting trainers throughout the process of updating training standards;
 • Adapting each stage of work-study co-op program as a possible training modality for each specialty;
 • Supporting the review, update, and improvement of the trainer training program for the new certification system
 • Supporting the organization of educational content and the use of the MOODLE platform.

This project aims to promote the employability and professional integration of young Tunisians.

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