Enrolment Process and Re-registration of Taxpayers


Reengineering of the Enrolment Process and Re-registration of Taxpayers in Timor Leste


C2D was responsible for the modernization of the taxpayer registration process (individuals and enterprises) of the National Directorate for Domestic Revenues (NDDR) of Timor-Leste. This included the identification of duplicates (taxpayers who are registered more than once) and cross-checking of the NDDR’s data with that of Customs and Treasury, in order to identify taxpayers involved in tax evasion. C2D was also responsible of assisting the Client in the implementation of a re-registration center for taxpayers and deploying a software system to support the re-enrollment of thousands of taxpayers. Finally, C2D conducted the reengineering of the enrollment processes, the development of the various registration forms, and the deployment of a management reporting portal with 20 performance indicators to monitor registration through time.

The project included the development of operational procedures and documentation relating to the business solution. In addition, our team provided on-site training of the entire staff of the Department of Enrollment as well as of a team of trainers in relation to new procedures, forms and software tools. Finally, managers were coached in learning how to use the new performance indicators in their daily work.

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