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Paradox™ Monitoring & Evaluation Platform


Implementation of the Paradox™ Monitoring & Evaluation Platform at the CILSS


The Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (Comité permanent inter-État de lutte contre la sécheresse au Sahel, or CILSS) is an institute that invests in research and development of food safety and the fight against the effects of drought and desertification. To achieve this, the CILSS must monitor the impact of the results of its funding and of its projects.

It is in this context that C2D was chosen to configure and implement at CILSS the Paradox™ Platform, a software system that caters to monitoring and evaluation. This system allows the configuration of various types of logic models, each with its own indicators, risk registry etc. The system is designed on an open architecture that allows it to exchange data with other systems, thereby providing an overview of results in real time.

For CILSS, the underlying objective is to consolidate and render permanent the monitoring and evaluation practices by computerizing them using a state-of-the-art tool that is scalable and can be implemented in several countries simultaneously. C2D is delivering the Paradox™ Platform to CILSS as part of a project being managed by Africa Lead II, whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of leaders to implement country investment plans, within the framework of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program of NEPAD.

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