The editorial chain and the school textbooks and books trades


Support to the capacity building of actors of the editorial chain and the school textbooks and books trades


C2D provided technical support to a Canadian Consortium for the planning and implementation of the « Capacity-building in the field of school textbooks in Mali » project.

The project targeted the improvement of textbook quality, the improvement of services offered by Malian publishers and authors, the increase of textbook supply by Malian editors, as well as the improvement of the public-private partnership, in managing and implementing the policy relating to school textbooks and teaching material.

More specifically, the immediate results of the project were the following: 1) the improvement in school textbooks of the treatment of issues related to equality between women and men, human rights and environmental issues; 2) access to Malian authors trained in the drafting of school textbooks; 3) access to Malian publishers trained in the publishing, production and distribution of school textbooks; and 4) for Malian publishers, access to skilled labor in the area of school textbook production.

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