Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project


Technical advisory services assignment for the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA)


C2D was awarded a technical advisory services assignment by the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA), in support of the implementation of the Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project (LTMP). The project is funded by the African Development Bank. The LTMP aims at increasing internally generated revenues in a sustainable manner, in support of Lesotho’s development plan.

Through this Tax Advisory assignment, C2D focuses on implementing high-value initiatives that have a beneficial and sustainable impact on the organization and the taxpayer community.

This multi-year project covers the following key areas of revenue administration:

  • Deployment of an e-Taxation module to provide online services to taxpayers
  • Implementation of solutions targeting:
    • VAT non-compliance detection & debt collection processes
    • Financial and telecom sectors revenue mobilisation
    • Small Business Tax and informal sector initiatives
  • Strategic/tactical assessment, planning and support in the areas of:
    • Tax legislation framework
    • Change management & internal communications
    • Taxpayer outreach & education
    • Capacity-building
    • Gender equity

C2D will also support the LRA in coordinating the overall LTMP initiative. The firm will maintain a team onsite throughout the delivery of the project.

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