Audit Risk Management


Implementation of The Paradox Box™ System for Audit Risk Management at the Ghana Revenue Authority


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has selected C2D’s solution – The Paradox Box™ - for computerizing audit risk and audit management.

The Paradox Box™ computerizes audit using a risk-based approach. Risk criteria are configured to reflect the type of auditing GRA needs and wants to focus on, along with a weighting and scoring mechanism. Criteria feed on data from both the tax and customs system allowing for cross-referencing data from both systems. All taxpayers are ranked according to their score with a color coding facilitating the identification of those most at risk.

A case management module allows for organizing cases in sets and assigning them to teams of auditors. Each case is then worked on by one or more auditor. The case management module integrates a workflow engine where audit processes are configured. In turn, this facilitates the standardisation of audit processes. Different types of audit workflows can be configured, such as comprehensive audits or VAT audits.

A dashboard allows managers to monitor the performance indicators of the audit function including additional revenue generated, performance per type of case, per auditor, etc.

The GRA is therefore in a position to leverage the entire functionality of The Paradox Box™, to optimise compliance rates across taxation programs.

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