Computerization of the Small Taxpayers’ Offices


Diagnostic and Strategic Plan for the Computerization of the Small Taxpayers’ Offices


C2D Services has been awarded the mandate to conduct the diagnostic and to devise the strategic plan to computerize taxes specific to the small taxpayer segment, as well as for the deployment of the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) to the tax centres responsible in administering these taxpayers.

The project included the review of about thirty tax types to which small taxpayers can be liable to, the analysis of how the existing ITAS had to be modified and configured in order to computerize these tax types, designed the new tax processes to implement, conducted a detailed analysis to enroll small taxpayers, and finally devised the action plan detailing the various activities to conduct with a corresponding implementation timeline.

The main challenge of this project was its regional dimension since the majority of small taxpayers are physically located outside of Kabul.

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