Apr 6, 2016
Support for the Revision of the Strategic Plan of Mining Sector Development (PSDM) – 2016-2021 of the Democratic Republic of Congo and organization of the technical validation workshop of the PSDM project

As part of the Good Governance in the Mining Sector as a Vector of Growth (Projet de Bonne Gouvernance dans le Secteur Minier comme facteur de croissance, PROMINES), C2D and its local partner have been entrusted by the DRC Government with the mandate to review and update the Strategic Plan of Mining Sector Development (Plan Stratégique de Développement du secteur des Mines, PSDM) – 2016-2021 and organize a technical validation workshop for the PSDM project. This strategic plan is an important tool that will provide the country with a framework for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the performances of the mining sector, based on a Development-Based Management approach. Starting from the draft version of the strategic plan, the assignment calls for the plan’s enhancement in a participatory manner, namely during a 2-day national workshop involving all the stakeholders, while securing its ownership. The specific objectives of the project are the following:

• Review and validate the vision, strategic objectives, programs and mandatory actions identified for the PSDM;
• Define the PSDM performance framework (definition of the targets of the indicators) and the cost of implementation;
• Secure the consistency of the final draft of the PSDM, in accordance with international best practices as adapted to the Congolese reality, and its cohesion with other national sectorial strategies, in order to contribute to the National Strategic Development Plan of the DRC.

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