Nov 15, 2012
Comparative Study for Integrated Tax Administration Systems

C2D is conducting a benchmarking study relating to Integrated Tax Administration Systems catering to developing and emerging countries. The study is commissioned by the KfW and the German development agency and aims to enhance the stakeholders’ understanding of financing requirements for future projects in the area of modernization and computerization of tax administrations.

The study is composed of two main components. The first aims at developing a criteria-based decision grid to evaluate various Integrated Tax Administration Systems according to predefined dimensions such as the system’s required functionality, or the technological footprint.

The second component involves a comparative analysis of the experiences of 12 countries that have conducted tax reform projects and implemented Integrated Tax Administration Systems. The objective is to determine the key success factors, the risks, the difficulties that were encountered, as well as specifics methods and techniques used during the implementations with a view on how these can be generalized and used to enhance the outcomes of future projects.

This benchmarking study targets countries in South America, Africa and Asia.

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