Apr 3, 2013
Tailored Training in the field of Knowledge Management Information Systems and Integration of Databases with Web Applications

C2D is delivering tailored training and coaching in the field of knowledge management (KM) information systems and in the integration of databases with web applications, to two organisations that are implementing programs affecting sustainable development and more specifically the productive sector in relation to food security in West Africa. The two organisations are the Comité permanent Inter-États de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel (CILSS – Inter-State Permanent Committee for the fight against Drought in the Sahel) and the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (WECARD).

C2D is delivering these services through a project being managed by Africa Lead, whose objective is to build the leaders’ capacity to implement the Country Investment Plans within NEPAD’s Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program framework. C2D’s team is delivering this assignment in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Senegal.

C2D’s assignment is firstly, to deliver training to harmonize the understanding by the staff of each of the two organisations of methodologies, challenges, risks as well as technological terminologies of systems in general, and of KM solutions in particular. Requirements are also identified, and a path towards IT system modernisation is outlined. Secondly, the roadmap to system modernisation is presented and improved during workshops with managers and Information Technology units.

The ultimate objective is to develop and implement a roadmap aiming to leverage modern KM business solutions and optimise the integration between databases and the Internet, as both organisations already design and deploy databases to process and disseminate information across the scientific community and other stakeholders.

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