Mar 11, 2011
C2D supports the managers of tax reform and modernization projects

C2D supports the managers of tax reform and modernisation projects. C2D is assigned to deliver support services, guidance and advice to project managers and technical advisors of a private firm that is delivering tax reform and modernisation projects. The services are delivered in three areas:

The first is at the Joint Tax Board of Nigeria, specifically during the launch of a project aiming to reform and computerize the management of a national Unique Taxpayer Identification Number (UTIN) through the use of biometric technologies. C2D is responsible for guiding the project manager through the drafting of the project plan in accordance with resource constraints, and in light of the spectrum of partners (infrastructure, telecom, national awareness campaign, business process reengineering).

The second is at the Zanzibar Revenue Board, in order to finalise an IT Strategic Plan that had already been drafted. C2D is serving in the capacity of specialist in tax reform and modernisation.

The third is through a business process reengineering project aiming to computerize taxation processes using the Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS) at the Internal Revenue Commission of Papua New Guinea. C2D advises the SIGTAS specialists as well as the Client on the manner with which the taxation processes will be executed once they are computerized.

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