Jul 25, 2014
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of the Modernization Plan for Statistics

C2D has been awarded a mandate to conduct the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Modernization Plan at the National Institute of Statistics (INE) of Mozambique. The Modernization Plan spans over a five year period and is an integral part of the strategic plan of the INE. It includes the reengineering of the processes leading to the production of statistics, the modernization of the underlying information systems and technologies, and the consolidation of the knowledge and skills of employees.

C2D is a member of the Modernization Committee which reports directly to the President of the INE. C2D is tasked with recommending modernization activities to implement, ensure that all stakeholders buy-into their objectives and responsibilities, to monitor the progress of the modernization efforts and report it to the Modernization Committee.

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