Apr 24, 2019
Technical assistance for the development, implementation and monitoring of Integrated School improvement Plans in 3 regions of Morocco (Fès-Meknès, Marrakech-Safi et Tanger-Tétouan-Al-Hoceima)

C2D was awarded a third mandate in the "Education and Training for Employability" project, funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation fund. C2D will be responsible for implementing the Tangier-Tétouan-AlHoceima pilot project (2016-2018) in two new regions: Fes-Meknes and Marrakech-Safi. Post-2022, the funding partner aims to bequeath a model of improvement of secondary schools. The model focuses on local governance.

In practical terms, C2D assists 90 schools in coming up with their own “integrated improvement plan”. “Integrated” in as much as the project mobilizes stakeholders, both internal and external, in order to activate several levers: improvement of (and to) the infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, teaching methods, management capacity, etc. Two issues cut across every lever: gender and social inclusion; as well as health, safety and environmental impact. The ultimate intention is to generalize this model to the 3000 other secondary schools of Morocco.

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