Dec 12, 2017
Technologies for the Artisanal Sector in Mali

The Technologies for the Artisanal Sector in Mali initiative aims to support the Fédération nationale des artisans du Mali (FNAM) along three axes: (1) strengthening its democratic governance and the inclusion of marginalized groups such as women, the youth and the handicapped (2) deploying technology, namely The Paradox BoxTM, C2D Services’ web platform, for among other things communication (including networking through SMS) and knowledge sharing, more specifically related to the members’ rights, advocacy and business opportunities for artisans and (3) raising the organization’s visibility with its stakeholders and institutionalizing its advocacy efforts. Across those three axes, we emphasize the development of women’s capacities (action-based leadership, networking), communication, and measurement and evaluation. A special attention will also be paid to the direct technical support to the artisans - entrepreneurs of the country.

The Fédération nationale des artisans du Mali (FNAM) offers its services and support to more than 70,000 members – artisans through a very decentralized structure (over 1,200 associations, 70 local unions, 9 regional units and 56 women’s affairs bureaus). The financial and operational challenges related to governance, communication and inclusion are considerable. The FNAM is also an essential actor in the artisanal sector in Mali; a sector that brings together multiple associations, chambers and professional groups, and governmental partners, such as the Ministry of craftsmanship and tourism of Mali (Ministère de l’artisanat et du tourisme).

The project has its own team in Mali and benefits from the support of a multidisciplinary team, in Canada as well as in Mali. Funded by Global Affairs Canada, the project is being delivered over a four-year period.

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