Feb 1, 2013
Strategic Assessment of the Implementation of a Tax Administration System in Kuwait

C2D is assisting the Ministry of Finance of Kuwait in the strategic assessment, user requirements analysis, and planning of the implementation of an integrated tax administration system (ITAS) for the domestic tax department.

As part of the implementation, Kuwait seeks to clearly define user requirements, in order to ensure that the implementation methodology is tailored to these needs, and is in accordance with the various stakeholders’ expectations. A review of the project timeline is also sought, in order to ensure that the implementation schedule reflects the availability of the Client’s resources, as well as their capacity to absorb change.

The objective of C2D’s assignment is therefore to secure the adequate mapping of user requirements, Client expectations and methodology on one hand, with the project implementation strategy and timeline on the other, in light of best practices and lessons learnt from comparable projects. Such mapping will ensure that the ITAS implementation is successful, and generates momentum to transform and modernise the mission-critical tax administration processes while securing a positive return on investment.

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