Oct 20, 2013
Identification and Documentation of the Requirements for the Acquisition of an Integrated Tax Administration System in Kuwait

C2D is providing tax modernization consulting services to the Ministry of Finance of Kuwait, which is currently evaluating the possibility of implementing an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) to administer domestic revenue.

C2D is responsible for establishing the statement of requirements upon which will be based the selection process for the ITAS. The assignment includes the development of the qualification grid that will guide decision makers in the development of tender documents. The grid will list the features required for the system, based on best practices in the computerization of tax administration, and in light of the specific needs arising from the business processes of the Kuwaiti Tax Department.

Several workshops will be held with project stakeholders, end users of the ITAS, the Kuwait Tax Department’s management team, as well as with the Procurement and IT departments of the Ministry of Finance.

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