Jan 7, 2016
Haiti Revenue Generation Project – Computerization Component

The project aiming at implementing an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) in Haiti is part of a larger program financed by the Ministry of Global Affairs of Canada, designed to support revenue generation through the modernisation of tax administration processes and the implementation of an ITAS – the RMS System - at the Tax Department (Direction Générale des Impôts).

This project, delivered by the C2D – Data Torque consortium, covers the computerization of 34 tax types, and will initially be implemented in 5 tax centers. In order to fully leverage the new system’s functionalities, all of the tax processes will undertake comprehensive business process reengineering. This modernisation of all processes will also be an opportunity for the Tax Department to introduce new practices, based on a client-centric approach.

C2D’s services include the development of Standard Operational Procedures, the deployment of a training programme for Business Analysts, Trainers, End Users, as well as the IT team in charge of the maintenance of the new system. Additionally, a continuous training mechanism will be implemented to ensure the sustainability of the new processes and system, ahead of their deployment to the 135 tax centers, across Haiti.

The implementation of the new processes and ITAS will be supported by a change management strategy, including the consolidation of internal governance and communication. Indeed, modernizing practices leads to a major modification of Tax Officers’ day-to-day work. Consequently, C2D will conduct a complete review of the job descriptions and profiles for all positions, the aim being to secure their adequacy with the new processes and the functionalities of the ITAS.

Finally, this project entails the coordination of activities with several other technical and financial partners, namely the Canada Revenue Agency as well as the United States Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance. The project will unfold over a period of 3 years. An additional 3-year period is also planned, for post-implementation support.

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