Mar 8, 2012
C2D accompanies ENAP on a public administration reform project in Djibouti

C2D accompanied the International division of ENAP (École Nationale d’Administration Publique – The Public Administration University) to appraise the current situation of the public administration of Djibouti. C2D Services was specifically responsible for the "Public Finances" component of this undertaking.

Our firm analyzed the current situation, and diagnosed the issues, opportunities and risks faced by the various departments of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, responsible for Industry and Planning (MEFIP). Notable among these departments were the Tax Department, Customs and Indirect Revenue, the Treasury, and the Budget Department.

Thereafter, C2D designed a detailed program of the "Public Finances" component tailored to support public administration reform. This component aims to provide the MEFIP, its agents and officers with the skills and coaching support that will allow them to efficiently fulfill their professional responsibilities. It also includes management workshops during which the strategic guidelines of certain departments will be reviewed, in an effort to secure the capacity of Djibouti’s MEFIP to continue adequately fulfilling its mission.

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