Feb 27, 2017
Support for the Operationalization of the Tax Administration

C2D Services was awarded a technical assistance assignment relating to the operationalization of the General Tax and Cadastre Administration (Administration Générale des Impôts et des Domaines, AGID) of the Union of the Comoros. In light of the AGID’s objectives and the current state of affairs, C2D will recommend strategies for the reorganization of the various departments and tax processes, namely collections, tax auditing and objections. Thereafter, our firm will develop action plans and draft texts pertaining to the new strategies, which will lead to legislative, regulatory, administrative and organizational framework amendments, and ensuing review of operational procedures.

C2D will then support the implementation of the approved action plans and policies. Our team will deliver tailored training to specialized AGID personnel and recommend ways to optimise staff allocation across the organisation. Our experts will also support the AGID in taxpayer awareness campaigns, highlighting the taxpayer community’s rights and obligations, in the interest of the successful mobilisation of domestic revenue. The results of the action plans will be measured throughout the assignment and appraised considering the objectives set forth for the operationalization of the AGID.

The project will be carried out in Moroni as well as on the islands of Anjouan and Mohéli.

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