Jun 28, 2018
Paradox™ at the FQDE General Assembly

In May, C2D participated in the General Assembly of the Quebec Federation of School Principals (FQDE) during which the new community of virtual practice that will be used by the FQDE was presented to the members. This virtual community called “Management Space” (Espace Direction) is based on C2D's Paradox™ web platform. Paradox™ is a multi-module platform that allows you to create a space-time for knowledge sharing and dialogue among community participants. Participants can share knowledge and experiences, thereby encouraging a mutually beneficial exchange of best practices and tools, whilst fostering professional development, constructive debate and knowledge creation.

The presentation was conducted constructively by Ms. Marie Boucher, FQDE’s Professional Affairs Coordinator, with the support of the C2D team.

Participants particularly appreciated:

  • The ability to save items in their personal wall;
  • The simplicity with which one can organize documents in the library;
  • The conviviality of the community of members;
  • Visual tools easily accessible via links to videos.

This event highlights the participatory approach in adapting the Paradox™ platform to user requirements. The development of the platform is carried out in close collaboration between C2D and FQDE teams. The close support approach allows one to develop the product at the users' pace and configure the features according to an evolving context. A new example of the flexibility and efficiency of C2D's Solutions and Technologies team!

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