Apr 3, 2013
Technical and Investment Plan for KfW in support of the Computerization of Program Budgeting in Cameroon

C2D is mandated to develop a Technical and Investment Plan for KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau; Germany) in order to computerize the management of program budgeting in Cameroon.

Program budgeting is being implemented in Cameroon and must eventually be deployed across the country. Two ministries are primarily involved: the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Planning, Development Programming and Regional Development. The computerization of related practices, underlying business processes, and of management of indicators, is part of one of the main areas that has been identified for the successful implementation of program budgeting.

KfW is considering financing the computerization of program budgeting in Cameroon. To this end, a team of C2D was mobilized in Cameroon, with the aim to: 1) diagnose program budgeting implementation and computerization efforts; 2) review the involvement of technical and financial partners in the field of public finance in Cameroon; and 3) develop an action plan with various computerization scenarios. Each scenario is supported by a budget and an implementation timetable. KfW’s involvement is also outlined, as are the risks that should be taken into consideration both during the contracting of the investment plan with Cameroon, and during project delivery.

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