Nov 13, 2019
Support to the Development of the National Plan for preventing—and responding to—the problem of school dropouts in Algeria

C2D was awarded a technical advisory services assignment by UNICEF-Algeria to support the Ministry of National Education, which intends to adopt a National Plan for preventing—and responding to—the problem of school dropouts, with an emphasis on the early detection of children with learning difficulties, as well as on the orientation of dropouts. C2D Services intends to:

  • Contribute to the analysis of qualitative data collected in 8 wilayas particularly affected by this problem;
  • Develop, in a participatory manner, the National Plan for Prevention and Response to School Dropouts (PN / P & R / DS);
  • Conduct pre-experimentation and identify the conditions for implementing the national plan.

With these ends in mind, C2D contributes, as a catalyst for development, to mobilize local stakeholders: the National Observatory of Education and Training (ONEF), the National Office of Education and Distance Learning. (ONEFD), the National Institute for Research in Education (INRE), the National Office for Literacy (ONAEA), as well as local authorities (health, social action, vocational training, youth and sports, town hall), the associative movement and the private sector; in addition to two central departments at MEN: that of Cooperation and that of Evaluation and Foresight.

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