• Context analysis and evaluation of organisational capacity to conduct training
  • Work Situation Analysis (WSA) and identification of training requirements
  • Design of diagnostic tools and of self-positioning grids for human resources
  • Development of education policies and of strategic implementation plans
  • Design and development of qualifying and continuing training systems
  • Development of technical description sheets for professions and jobs
  • Drafting of competency frameworks
  • Drafting of tailor-made training programmes and capacity-building projects
  • Design of certification approaches and accreditation of training centers
  • Design of tools to analyse professional practices in a work situation (observation and feedback tools, professional development portfolios for groups and individuals)
  • Development of evaluation systems for academic learning (administration of exams and contests, correction procedures, pools of tests, computerised databases, unique student identification)
  • Draft of academic curricula in accordance with Competency-Based Learning
  • Design of pedagogical and didactic methods for disciplines, evaluation and learning
  • Creation of learning communities, and of practitioner communities


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