• Design of e-government strategies
  • Drafting of IT Strategic Plans
  • Optimisation of public services by leveraging information technology
  • Drafting of IT security policies

Business Intelligence, Dashboards and Data Warehousing

  • Development of system architecture enabling data warehousing
  • Development and deployment of key indicators of performance and dashboards (Business Intelligence tools) to support trend analysis and decision-making at all levels of management

Integration of Transactional Software Systems

  • Evaluation of current systems and identification of a roadmap for the modernisation of the existing software infrastructure
  • Drafting of terms of reference and of functional specifications, and selection of software solutions
  • Planning, supervision and participation in the implementation and deployment of software solutions

Computerisation of Local Government and Decentralisation of Software Solutions

  • Data replication between a central database and regionally-deployed databases
  • Decentralisation of software solutions (e.g. deployment of a tax administration solution from central to regional administration levels)
  • Development of tailor-made solutions for local government (e.g. for efficient management of public finances by local authorities)
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