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Tax Policy and Revenue Administration

  • Coaching of tax administration managers and consolidation of their management skills, with a view to optimising revenue administration processes.
  • Review of the legislative framework pertaining to taxation when new taxes are being introduced, or in an effort to modernise that legislative framework
  • Training of specialised tax officers such as tax auditors, internal auditors and collection officers
  • Design, development and deployment of social communication strategies aiming to alter the taxpayer community’s perception of taxation and of the country’s revenue administration, ultimately improving voluntary compliance rates
  • Design and development of simulation models to analyse the probable impact of modifications to tax policy on national revenue

Public Finance Management

  • Development of strategic sourcing frameworks to reduce total procurement cost: economies of scale, improved consumption, inter-ministerial procurement synergies
  • Revision of legislative frameworks pertaining to contracting
  • Implementation of public procurement boards
  • Coaching of managers at Treasury and at the Budget Department, and consolidation of their management skills, with a view to optimising public finance management processes
  • Training of Treasury and Budget Department officers

Local Government and Local Industry

  • Decentralisation
  • Local economic growth
  • Microfinance

New Market Development

  • Optimisation of the cost of doing business
  • Development of investment incentive programs
  • Conduct of surveys and market studies

Integration of Software Solutions

  • Coaching of procurement boards throughout the software selection process for integrated tax administration systems
  • Functional analysis, configuration and commissioning of integrated tax administration systems
  • Design and development of dashboards to track indicators of fiscal performance
  • Development of computerised tools for designing simplified impact simulation models
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