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Formal Education

  • Education degree reform
  • Policies and sector-specific planning
  • Technical and vocational training for youth
  • Innovations in education
  • Drafting of curricula according to Competency-Based Learning
  • Identification of material and equipment needs
  • Contracting, procurement and management of material resources
  • Development of pedagogical and didactic methods
  • Formative and certifying evaluation of students

Governance and Decentralisation

  • Managerial support to ministerial authorities
  • Policies, strategic planning and master plans
  • Institutional and organisational development
  • Results-Based Management, reporting and project assessments
  • Statistical studies and evaluations
  • Institutional and social communication mechanisms
  • Decentralisation of education systems and functional processes
  • Quality assurance (accreditation and certification)
  • Coaching of managements in decentralised institutions
  • Planning, budgeting and organisation of educational services
  • School maps and resources management
  • Information management systems and databases
  • Development of internal and external partnership frameworks

Human Resource Training

  • Policies and training programs for educational personnel
  • Definition of the professions and jobs in education
  • Organisation of the work stations and coaching of personnel
  • Initial and continuous training system for personnel
  • Accreditation of training centers and certification of personnel
  • Design of tools for training, supervision and coaching
  • Training of administrative and pedagogical personnel
  • Information and database management
  • Implementation of learning communities, and of practitioner communities

Youth and the Productive Sector

  • Training of young entrepreneurs
  • Development of enterprise incubators across sectors
  • Institutionalising of incubators, and partnerships
  • Enterprise financing solutions
  • Professional training and complementary techniques
  • Socioeconomic integration of youth
  • Youth certification and accreditation of incubators

Integration of Software Solutions

  • Development of databases to electronically identify trainees and human resources
  • Integration of a computerised portal to manage the student body, teaching personnel, training programs and accreditation
  • Deployment of information systems to manage scholastic equipment, didactic and pedagogical material (at the ministry and at decentralised institutions)
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