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Timely and effective remote workshop with the Lesotho Revenue Authority

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Timely and effective remote workshop last week on defining key success factors for the forthcoming roll-out of online tax services. 29 participants from the Lesotho Revenue Authority and C2D Services reflecting upon defining success and setting up the proper structure to successfully support the roll-out of the solution.

Kudos to the forward-thinking Lesotho Revenue Authority senior management team and to our colleagues Javier Clavijo, PMP®, PSPO, Philippe Dadour, Catrona Dalley Galt, Kali Galanis, Marc Lacoste PMP and Éric Wheatley, MBA, CIM for this thought-provoking event.

C2D Services is honoured to be the Lesotho Revenue Authority’s partner in implementing high-value initiatives that have beneficial and sustainable impact on the organization and the taxpayer community.

Onward to improved revenue mobilisation to provide resources for priority economic and social expenditures for Lesotho!

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