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Support for the revision of teaching materials (textbooks, booklets and guides) – Djibouti

C2D services has been mandated to support the inspectors and educational executives of the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training (MENFOP) with their work on didactic and pedagogical revisions of fundamental education materials in 4 subjects (Mathematics, Arabic, Life and Earth Sciences and Computer Science), to ensure consistency with prior curricula revisions.

C2D Services targets the following 3 objectives for each subject:

 •  To strengthen the editorial commissions in the drafting of pedagogical and didactic materials;
 •  To support the revision of textbooks and other pedagogical and didactic materials, in alignment with the revised curricula, the teaching methods and the competence-based approach, while integrating information & communication technologies (ICT) and life skills; and,
 •  To identify training needs of editorial teams and to provide theoretical and didactic assistance as part of on-site missions.

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