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Supporting teachers’ and guidance counselors’ capacity building for improved student psychological care in Algeria

C2D Services is supporting Algeria’s Ministry of National Education through their wise decision to examine the implementation of support measure for vulnerable and at-risk students. This decision is in line with the National Plan for Prevention and Response to School Dropout, a plan that C2D Services equally supports. The decision is even more justified and important in the current context of a health crisis and the amplified collateral effects on these students.

With the funding provided by UNICEF-Algeria, this assistance strengthens the equity, access, and quality of education offered to children and adolescents. The Ministry’s aims to:

• Improve school guidance and the guidance counsellors’ intervention
• Provide intervention models (ethical protocols, student referencing, confidential treatment of aid files, adapted intervention, caring supervision in schools, ...)
• Encourage organizational learning

The technical assistance provide by C2D Services includes the implementation of a learning management system, open to researchers and decision-makers in the field, and recommendations to optimize the reach, benefits, and tools to the 27,000 schools in the country.

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