In order to perform its mission in an optimal manner, C2D Services endeavours to create workgroups of professionals by drawing upon its wide socioprofessional network. In addition to internal professional resources, this network includes partners as well as Canadian, international and national consultants that are selected according to their areas of expertise, in order to deliver complementary services that are well adapted to the requirements and challenges at hand.

The competencies of C2D Services, including its network, allow it to:

  • Raise awareness among its partners and clients with respect to new tendencies and practices in its sectors of activity
  • Plan, conduct and monitor the progress of assignments, and assess their technical and financial results
  • Adequately mobilise the pertinent human, financial and material resources for each assignmen
  • Coach partners and clients at their own pace, deliver situation-specific training, advise and facilitate decision-making, in light of comparable systems and reform endeavours across the world
  • Develop innovative solutions for its partners and clients, thereby modernising practices and work environments, addressing requirements and leading to endogenous and sustainable development
  • Contribute to the definition and development of organisational processes and related tools, increasing the efficiency of support on the technical and financial level, as well as the impact that it has on the field

Managing Partners:

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