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Quebec Federation of School Principals

C2D Services ranks among its partners, the Quebec Federation of school principals (Fédération québécoise des directions d’établissement d’enseignement - FQDE. FQDE is the main professional organization representing school managers in Quebec. It is incorporated under the Act on professional unions since 1962. Its mission is to defend the rights of school heads and to promote professional development and excellence in school management in Quebec : 1) supporting associations of school heads; 2) supporting a work environment promoting the realization of the educational project, and 3) ensuring that managers of educational institution maintain a high quality of management skills. With FQDE, C2D Services promotes the creation of networks of practitioners and managers of associations that can share mutual experiences acquired through their public education system.



Renaps is specialised in Oracle® application development and products. The company is certified ISO-9001 and holds the Oracle® Platinum status, which allows it to grant its clients and partners competitive advantages with respect to Oracle® technology.

Renaps is namely a leader in application migration through the ORMIT™ application, which enables the automation and structuring of Oracle® Forms migrations to Oracle ADF® using Java code that complies with J2EE standards.

With Renaps as its partner, C2D Services can offer its clients a wider array of Oracle® products and state-of-the-art Oracle® expertise (database administration, analysis, programming, etc.), covering training, application development, as well as migration and Oracle® application modernisation aiming to extend the life cycle of existing systems.


Quebec’s public administration university

Quebec’s public administration university (École nationale d’administration publique – ENAP) is an internationally reputed institution that focuses on public administration. Since its creation in 1969, it has taken part in the renewal of public administration practices in Quebec and abroad. It has set the standard in research, training and coaching in the area of public administration.

ENAP has been active on the international scene for more than 30 years, contributing to the thought process and evolution of public administration best practices. Over the years, it has developed a real expertise in the transfer of knowledge and competencies in public sector management.

With ENAP, C2D Services supports large-scale public administration reform programmes involving various interrelated sectors, spanning from national governance on a strategic level, to operational management of State matters at line ministry and agency levels.


Export Developement Canada (EDC)

C2D Services receives support from Export Development Canada (EDC) to consolidate its business development and sustain the financing of its work. EDC provides Canadian exporters with financing, insurance and bonding services as well as foreign market expertise. EDC also offers risk management solutions to help Canadian businesses succeed in foreign markets. EDC is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Its rigorous due diligence requirements ensure that all projects and transactions it is supporting are financially, environmentally and socially responsible. EDC believes that good business — adopting and embracing these principles while it facilitates trade for Canadian investors and exporters — is good for business. When working on a transaction, EDC prefers to do it in explicit partnership with the private sector. EDC lets the private sector player set the terms, while it adds financial capacity and shares the risk. This encourages the private sector to move into new areas, leaving EDC to move to new frontiers to create new trade for Canada.


National Federation of Artisans in Mali (FNAM)

The National Federation of Artisans in Mali (FNAM) is an organization that counts among the actors of the Malian civil society a large population (more than 70 000 workers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and their families) who benefits from the impact of technical support from partners and public institutions. The FNAM is regularly associated with the various frameworks for consultation and debates on major national issues, including the Annual Meeting of the Head of State with the Forces of the Nation. The FNAM is a member of several bodies and boards of directors of public and parastatal structures, including the Support Fund for Vocational Training and Learning (FAFPA) and the International Conference Center of Bamako (CICB). The Federation is also member of the Steering Committee of the Youth Skills and Employment Project (PROCEJ), funded by the World Bank, as well as Swisscontact projects and programs. The FNAM is an initiator, together with the Chambers of the Professions (APCMM), of the Operational Unit of the Vocational Training in the Sector of Crafts (COFPA). FNAM helps the artisans have their voices heard to defend their interests. In addition, the Federation maintains close links with workers 'organizations, as well as with employers' and consular organizations of commerce and industry.

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