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Technical Assistance to Support the Testing and Deployment of the Computerisation of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET-MIS) in Botswana

C2D Services has been awarded an assignment by UNESCO to conduct a diagnostic of the Quality Assurance and Assessment Information System (QAAIS) and the development of a plan for its roll-out and long-term sustainability.

The QAAIS system is the first system being deployed in Botswana as part of a future comprehensive TVET-MIS solution aiming to computerise the management and monitoring of TVET. The QAAIS system is used to monitor and ensure the quality of the processes that certify institutions to deliver government-recognised programs, as well as student certification. The QAAIS system is managed by the Department of Teacher Training and Technical Education, under the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology.

The diagnostic covered the QAAIS functionalities, its underlying processes being computerised, its capacity to produce statistics for managers and decision-makers, and the technological platform on which it runs. Following the diagnostic, C2D developed a roadmap for the roll-out of the QAAIS system, first to 6 pilot institutions (2 technical, 2 vocational, and 2 private), and then to the rest of the institutions, nation-wide. C2D also provided recommendations relating to the eventual enhancement of the QAAIS to ensure its long-term sustainability and integration in the overall TVET-MIS solution. Finally, C2D developed a capacity-building program to consolidate and reinforce the skills and competences of the team in charge of the roll-out and maintenance of the QAAIS system.

Design of a Technical and Vocational Education and Training Management Information System (TEVET-MIS) in Botswana

C2D Services was mandated by UNESCO as part of the BEAR Project (Better Education for Africa's Rise Project) to design a technical and vocational education and training management information system (TEVET-MIS). Based on a contextual analysis and an assessment of user needs, the purpose of the assignment is to design a management information system allowing various stakeholders (ministries and publics organizations responsible for TEVET planning and management, training institutions, students, and private companies) to make informed decisions on public policies, resources allocation or career guidance in the area of technical and vocational education and training.

This mandate is in line with the UNESCO TEVET strategy whose goal is to “support the efforts of Member States to enhance the relevance of their TVET systems”. One of the challenges is to update the technical and vocational training to better match training with employment, through the strengthening of the educational partnership between training institutions and businesses.

C2D Services’ technical assistance covers: (i) Analysis of the current situation; (ii) Needs assessment regarding the governance system, content (statistics and indicators), and the technical environment; and (iii) Design of the TEVET-MIS. Validation of findings, needs, and elements of the TEVET-MIS design by various stakeholders in Botswana also constitute important components of C2D Services’ assignment.

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