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Implementation of an Integrated Tax Information System in Barbados

In the context of this project, C2D is working towards the modernization and harmonization of tax processes and the strengthening of revenue collection through the implementation of a new Integrated Tax Information System (ITIS), the Revenue Management System (RMS) developed by our partner Data Torque Ltd., at the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA). The RMS system will replace the various information systems previously used.

C2D’s support for this revenue administration computerization project includes the reengineering of all tax processes as well as the drafting of an operational procedures manual allowing the BRA to mobilize revenues by comprehensively leveraging the functionalities of the new ITIS.

C2D will also design a training program for ITIS users, deliver training for Business Analysts as well as an Andragogy training course. The implementation of the new processes and ITIS will be supported by a change management strategy and a communication plan focused internally as well as towards the taxpayer community, and both led by C2D.

The project will take place over a two-year period.

IT System, Diagnostic Review and Strategic Planning for Barbados

C2D Services is assisting the Government of Barbados in the strategic planning of the technological infrastructure and information systems of the Barbados Revenue Authority.

The C2D Services team, in collaboration with a Canadian partner, is analysing the current situation relating to the technological infrastructure, and conducting a diagnostic of the information systems of the four constituent organisations of the revenue agency, namely the Inland Revenue, Customs, Land Tax and Licence Revenue Departments.

In addition, our team is conducting strategic planning, identifying targets and crafting the Transitional Plan in view of the implementation of the hardware, network and software infrastructure from the current four constituent departments to the unified structure of the Barbados Revenue Authority. The Transitional Plan aims to ensure that the organisation possesses, in the short and medium term, the platforms, systems and tools that will allow it to fulfill its mission, while gradually reaching a level of performance that enables it to attain its revenue collection objectives.

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