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C2D to support the MENFOP on 8 curricula in Djibouti

C2D Services has been mandated to support the inspectors and educational executives of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFOP) responsible for curriculum reform. The support focuses on the revision of six existing curricula in basic education (French, Arabic, Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry, Earth and Life Sciences, and History-Geography) and the design of two new curricula (computers and school life). In all cases, three objectives are targeted for each subject: strengthening the skills of the individuals in charge of revising the curriculum, ensuring the integration of life skills, and the integration of Information & communications technology (ICT) skills.

Training of inspectors and educational staff of the MENFOP in Djibouti

C2D Services has been mandated to train the inspectors and educational staff of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFOP) responsible for curriculum reform. The training focuses on how to reform a basic education curriculum, and how to integrate life skills and Information & communications technology (ICT) in such a reform. Prior to the training itself, C2D Services analysed the diagnosis conducted by the MENFOP in 2016, as well as the various official documents governing this process. At the outset of the training, it submitted guidelines designed to facilitate the integration of ICT as well as life skills in a competency-based curriculum.

Support for the modernization of public administration in Djibouti

C2D Services has been mandated to assist Djibouti's tax administration (Direction Générale des Impôts, DGI) in revamping the country’s tax management system. This initiative is part of the Public Administration Modernization Support Project, and aims to improve the operational efficiency of the DGI, while setting up an environment that is compatible with digital public administration in Djibouti.

The C2D Services team's main mandate is to:

• Draft technical specifications and the request for proposals, and validate them with the Client;
• Support the analysis of bidder proposals to select the tax management system that best meets the needs of the DGI;
• Contribute to setting up data migration;
• Support the planning of user training;
• Draft test scripts and support the DGI throughout the user acceptance testing phase;
• Support the monitoring of the software’s implementation to ensure timely delivery and compliance with the DGI’s strategic objectives and system requirements;
• Empower Djiboutian teams for continuous improvement and sustainability.

This mandate includes the roll-out of C2D Services' Virtual Community of Practice, which will foster knowledge sharing among project members throughout the consultancy.

IT Training and advisory services for Djibouti International Airport

C2D Services is delivering training and providing advisory services to the Information Technology Division of Djibouti International Airport (AID). This project is conducted in collaboration with the International division of ENAP, Quebec’s Public Administration University

C2D Services is specifically responsible for the "Information Technology" component of this detailed training and technical advisory services program for AID. As such, our firm is leading efforts to reinforce capacities of the AID’s IT team in software development and database administration. We are also providing technical advice to the AID’s IT Division as it endeavours to continuously consolidate its network architecture, and in support of its constant concern for maintaining a secure network.

Support for the Public administration reform project

C2D Services is accompanying the International division of ENAP, Quebec’s Public Administration University, in supporting public administration reform in Djibouti. C2D Services is specifically responsible for the Public Finances component of the detailed program designed to support public administration reform, which also includes the provision of advisory services and coaching for the Ministry of Labour as well as the National Institute of Public Administration. C2D Services is leading several initiatives targeting the reengineering of operational processes and decision-making in various departments of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Industry and Planning (MEFIP), namely the Tax Department, Customs, Treasury, and the IT Department.

Our support aims to provide the MEFIP, its management teams and officers with the advisory services and coaching required to improve work functions and enable individuals and teams to fulfill their professional responsibilities efficiently, in accordance with results-based management.

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