Quality Policy: Project and Assignments

C2D Services is dedicated to continuously improving its skill sets, in order to constantly deliver its assignments efficiently, in accordance with recognised practices and by constantly introducing innovative solutions. This requires C2D Services to:

  • Manage its assignments in an optimal manner given the specific consulting approach that is being applied and in light of expected results
  • Assess the level of satisfaction of its clients and beneficiaries, in view of the continuous improvement of its services
  • Communicate regularly with the various stakeholders in order to harmonise the understanding of its assignments, and optimise the management of its operations
  • Leverage teamwork, putting forth a consultative and participative approach in the context of the projects that it delivers
  • Stimulate innovation leading to the creation of new solutions to specific problem statements

Quality Policy: Resources and Partners

C2D Services is committed to developing a learning organisation and to constantly refine its methodologies and professional competencies in the delivery of consulting services, in training and in project management. This requires C2D Services to:

  • Maintain an updated pool of resources and socio-professional networks in order to actively mobilise know-how and constantly offer a professional frame of reference
  • Secure a technical and scientific watch in its targeted sectors and fields of expertise
  • Analyse its achievements in developing and emerging countries, in order to adapt its strategies, consulting approaches and management techniques.
  • Analyse its practices during and after service delivery, in an effort to continuously improve its services and deliver concrete value throughout its assignments
  • Prepare its human resources for the delivery of training, consulting services, coaching as well as project management in a cross-cultural environment and on an international level.
  • Build lasting links with its partners and external resources, in order to offer complementary and more specialised services
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