Consulting Engagement Mindset

The internal and external coherence of the technical advisorship, and the sustainability of acquired benefits are the most significant challenges that must be overcome in the implementation of international development projects. The presence, on the field, of various technical and financial partners coming from a wide array of environments, with an equally large spectrum of approaches, frameworks and tools, can bring significant confusion and incoherence to the authorities and target clients, such that any introduced novelties may end up becoming yet another passing fad.

Our assignment delivery strategy is based on the following principles. They are put forth in an effort to build, coach and constantly reinforce organisational and institutional capacity, starting with existing mechanisms and gradually building and introducing lasting change:

  • Lead stakeholders to outline issues with a view to clearly defining the problem statement and collaborating thereafter to develop concrete and viable solutions
  • Avoid substitution oneself to the client’s resources since this would counter their empowerment and ownership of their roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate the development of collective competencies that secure the sustainability of acquired benefits
  • Aim for change in procedures and work habits in an effort to secure lasting change
  • Carefully integrate changes that are being introduced within the existing policies and procedures in an effort to avoid abrupt breakage with current practices
  • Recommend flexible solutions that can evolve harmoniously with the context instead of pre-designed turnkey solutions
  • Manage projects in light of targeted results, actively mitigating risks and reacting to any evolution in the project’s context throughout service delivery
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